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Cutting Edge Technology


Technology that recruiters use to find, screen, and attract talent has changed to a surprising degree, even in the last decade.  Since MedCentric's inception, we have fought hard to change with the times and adopt new tools and resources as they have become available.  Below are a few of the key weapons MedCentric's team employs from its arsenal.  They include but are not limited to:

Since 2004, MedCentric has been working hard to link Healthcare Organizations with the best talent, Nationwide.  We provide a full arsenal of search and staffing services to our clients, to help them achieve their hiring goals.  MedCentric provides highly tailored permanent placement solutions, specializing in the direct hire of pre-screened and viable candidates.  MedCentric prides itself on its valuable network of the very best healthcare professionals and a diligent and unrelenting recruiting process, guaranteeing a great match between the qualifications of our candidates and the needs of each client. 

MedCentric uses cutting edge technology, combined with proven methods for locating candidates who are qualified for the positions we have active searches for. We also screen both our clients and candidates to work with a very high quality of individual and organization. Finally, we help our clients not only to interview a short list of qualified candidates, but ultimately to hire the candidate or candidates they view as the most qualified, and the best fit.


Today, it seems like nearly everyone is walking around with a digital video camera in their pocket.  We have found a way to leverage this new development and meet most of our candidates face to face using our video interview tool.  This technology allows us to better, and more efficiently screen candidates on your behalf. Our Video Interview system allows us to record and share live and pre-recorded interviews for and with our clients.  We offer two types of Digital Interviews:

Digital Interviews

  • We conduct interviews with potential candidates using our video interviewing system, record them, and share them with our clients.


  • We schedule live interviews for our clients with our candidates.  


  • No new software is needed.  Just a camera,  a computer, and a web browser!


  • Replaces Phone Screen


  • Reduces Travel Costs


  • Creates Few, Better In-Person Interviews

  • Saves time & money while simultaneously producing  a more effective result.

  • We send Interview invitations to our candidates and they conduct them when it is convenient for them - On Demand.  


  • Interviews are stored and can be shared with our clients and among the hiring team to be viewed at their leisure.


  • This eliminates scheduling issues!


  • Time Zone Issues Disappear!


  • We utilize a customized bank of more than 200 pre-recorded,  industry related, and position specific questions.


  • Our clients can customize these interviews, or create their own questions

Live Interviews

On Demand

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Digital Interviews
social media


  • We discover and meet, interact with, screen, and connect with talent across the country using any and all social media channels daily.


  • Our database synchronizes with and utilizes data and profiles from across the social media spectrum.


  • ​Networking with passive candidates through groups, and other forums using Social Media.


  • Our recruiters advertise jobs and broadcast them to their networks through their social media channels like twitter, facebook, linked-in, and more. 

Social Media Recruiting
custom crm

We have carefully built a proprietary and searchable database of more than one million doctors, nurses, and healthcare executives across the United States.



Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system integrates our database with our daily communications including email, phone calls, and social networking.


Custom CRM & Database

We recognize that our best asset is our team.  Our recruiters, researchers, and sales professionals have all been hand selected and trained.


  • In an effort to support our team, we spent an enormous amount of time and resources to develop our training program.


  • Our program includes personal one on one training in recruiting, marketing, communication, technology, and research.



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Customized Training
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